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Episode 6: Mia-Daliya Cunningham


Poet, community artist, social justice activist and The Tote Revolution owner Mia-Daliya Cunningham joins host Vivienne Egan in a conversation about managing a business without compromising socio-political values, the benefits to networking on social media, avoiding activist burnout, juggling income sources to support artistic work and learning from financial mistakes.

Sustainable work in arts communities

Happy Earth Day for yesterday (and I would also like to wish William Shakespeare a very Happy 405th Birthday today, hope you’re partying down)! If you didn’t get a chance to engage in some sustainable reflection on Earth Day yesterday, I hope this newsletter helps......

Feeling overwhelmed and unconfident? It might be a good sign

A few months ago I attended a freelancing workshop run by Alison Grade. These things can be hit and miss but since it was put on by the Guardian I thought I’d be in fairly safe hands (they often run useful and interesting masterclasses). My biggest takeaway wasn’t...

Is there such a thing as a capitalist artist?

A couple of months ago, I went to a ‘salon’ run by a company called Interintellect (which as far as I can tell just runs conversations on interesting topics with interesting people). The salon was called the Capitalist Artist:  “Writer, painter, and Gumroad founder...