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Episode 3: Bella Green

Stand-up comedian and sex worker Bella Green joins host Vivienne Egan in a conversation about balancing two portable income streams, defining your financial worth and asserting yourself as a woman working in two unpredictable industries. Tune in to find out more about Bella’s process of writing a memoir, the struggle of filing tax returns and some advice for her younger self.

  • Bella Green, stand up comedian, writer, FSSW
  • Follow Bella on Instagram and Twitter @bellagreenery
  • JobKeeper – sole trader financial assistance from Australian government
  • Buy Bella’s new memoir ‘Happy Endings’ here!
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Sustainable work in arts communities

Happy Earth Day for yesterday (and I would also like to wish William Shakespeare a very Happy 405th Birthday today, hope you’re partying down)! If you didn’t get a chance to engage in some sustainable reflection on Earth Day yesterday, I hope this newsletter helps......

Feeling overwhelmed and unconfident? It might be a good sign

A few months ago I attended a freelancing workshop run by Alison Grade. These things can be hit and miss but since it was put on by the Guardian I thought I’d be in fairly safe hands (they often run useful and interesting masterclasses). My biggest takeaway wasn’t...

Is there such a thing as a capitalist artist?

A couple of months ago, I went to a ‘salon’ run by a company called Interintellect (which as far as I can tell just runs conversations on interesting topics with interesting people). The salon was called the Capitalist Artist:  “Writer, painter, and Gumroad founder...